2017-03-17: Stop the press! The new piece by Antti-Juhani Manninen out now! "Assholes" had its gorgeous premiere on Thrusday night and the feedback from the audiences has been overwhelming, thank you <3 Two shows left in March, Fri 17th at 19 h, and Sat 18th at 19 h. You are most warmly welcome! The review by Anu Pasanen / Art Media Edit here. And the review by Annina Karhu / Turun Sanomat newspaper here. (Both in Finnish, sorry!)

2015-11-11: Wow omg our puppeteers' network Aura of Puppets got awarded with the State Prize for Theatre by the minister of culture! We are super happy, thank us and thank you all! Check it out (mostly in Finnish, tho):Turun Sanomat newspaper on the subject, more Turun Sanomat newspaper coverage, a pic of me and Sanni, and still the interview of Merja Pöyhönen on Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

2015-11-11: Thank you all for the wonderful premiere night of Missing Amelia Earhart!

2016-11-03: Missing Amelia Earhart! Dirty Duckling’s new premiere is here! Missing Amelia Earhart is a solo performance by Merja Pöyhönen. A blurred portrait of the creator’s visual double, the story gives us a peculiar explanation to one of the most mysterious disappearances of all time. This airy and somewhat humoristic play follows the footsteps of Amelia Earhart - the most important person in the world - with longing and admiration. Premiere at the Tehdas Theatre, as part of the Turku International Puppetry Festival, Nov 09th 2016 at 19.00, and the second show Nov 10th 2016 at 19.00. Only few tickets left so horry!

2015-11-02: Our Big Bear is already 4 years old! And she’s all well and spry! Congratulations Big Bear! The Bear has been touring irregularly regularly different festivals and events. She has appeared in a barn, in an auditorium, at a day care center, in a gym hall and some theatre halls, among other places. Big Bear spent her birthday at her birthplace, at Barker Theatre in Turku. After few shows for local primary schools, the Bear decided to offer also a complete free evening show for indigent families of Turku. In October she visited Helsinki and Kanneltalo. The Bear is still touring, so order us and we come to pay a visit!

2015-11-01: Empty Art Space, a work by Antti-Juhani Manninen and Antti Turkko, was invited to ArtHelsinki art fair and got quite praised by the fresh Taide art mag! The editor Pessi Rautio writes: ”…the atmosphere started to resemble a gathering of a continental vernissage crème de la crème. However, at the Signature part of the fair there was a piece that analyzed and even carnivalized this kind of art world. One of the most avant-garde and conceptually orientated (and probably one of those that sells the least works) galleries in Finland, Titanik, was represented by Antti-Juhani Manninen and Antti Turkko, who continued their work from last year, Empty Art Space, an empty gallery space that only had its vernissage and finissage in one single day. This fair booth had some cushions for lounging and a couple of books with the e-mails of the artists pondering whether they should attend to this fair or not, and if, with which conditions. Book was elegantly made, and the piece worked very well in its surroundings.” Thank you <3

2015-07-04: Oh it's a Kuuma ankanpoikanen remake of the blockbuster of 1997 Titanic - as a twenty minute pirate version! In a sea container in the middle of the Ruisrock festival area. On stage Merja Pöyhönen and Sirpa Järvenpää. Served with some legos, some celine dion and a lot of horry. Titanic. Twenty minutes. When nothing can go wrong.

2015-07-03: Reivikontti returns more beefy than ever. For the whole Ruisrock festival right in the middle of the festival site. So, booty up, twerkzzz down and slosh around! Rave Boi’s here!

2016-02-12: And here we go all around the country! This weekend at Tehdas Theatre in Turku the last performances of Pienen talven ja väripuun (A Little Winter and a Colour Tree) so far, and on stage our Lotta Virtanen and other wonderful friends of ours! Showtimes Sat Feb 13th at 14h and 16h, plus Sun Feb 14.2. at 11h and 14h. Right in the beginning of next week or caravan heads to Oulun City Theatre and Puppet Theatre Sampo in Helsinki w/ Romeo & Juliet and basically the whole puppet theatre scene of Turku! Oulu showtimes Fri Feb 19th at 18.30h and Sat Feb 20th at 18.30h. Then immediately on our return in Turku lurks the premiere of Linnanjuhlat (a variation of Franz Kafka’s The Castle) on Fri Mar 4th at 19h at Tehdas Theatre, w/ Antti-Juhani Manninen as sound designer.

2016-01-18: We're in Oulu city! And it's 29 degrees Celcius below zero. Brrrr. And our new premiere is on its way! We have a morning show on Mon Jan 25th at 10 am, and an evening one at 6 pm, then two morning shows Tue Jan 26th at 9.30 and 12.30. All at Oulu City Theatre, Kaarlenväylä street 2, Oulu. Feel welcome, love!

2015-12-03: We are updated and active again! Welcome back online!