Only Hope Remains (Vain toivo jää)

Solo performance by Antti-Juhani Manninen

"Come and cast the first stone!”

Only Hope Remains is a story of a crime. About the utmost difficulty of confessing a crime. About a father and a son. The performance proceeds somewhere along the twilight zone of hope and despair, in the self-accusations of a fallen man of the cloth. It proceeds towards the dawn, forgiveness. And the truth.

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Photos Antti-Juhani Manninen

Direction, script, puppets, scenography by and on stage Antti‐Juhani Manninen
Music excerpts from Gabriel Yared, Tom Recchion, Sergei Zhukov and Antti‐Juhani Manninen

Duration 40 min
For adults.
Language Finnish and English
Premiere May 12th 2008 in Teatteri Mukamas Tampere

”Manninen’s main character in a black suit and with a gushing suitcase as well as the baby puppet he manipulates communicate touchingly… … The play portrays painful memories and parting with them. Grace and hope, that alone can save the human wreck dragging through them... …The immersive atmosphere full of surprises engrosses the spectator.”

- Anniina Karhu / Turun Sanomat