Ugly Animals

We do our best!

Ugly Animals continues Dirty Duckling's popular series of durational street improvisations. A lightly surreal summer entertainment with whole body mask technic. This years character set is Ugly. And they're Animals.

"So far, we've survived a lot of festivals as cops, babies and tourists. This time we are about to open a whole new dimension to this, as we try if we can do the same as animals. How is it to be at a rock festival as another species? Like as a hedgehog or a pig? What if on thop of that you are an ugly one? Can you hide it with money? These are probably the very same questions you are pondering about all the time. We will be able to answer you very soon! And that's not all: we are gonna get to party with a fur on! I hope it's a heatwave!"

Premiere at Ruisrock Festival in Turku July 2014. After that the Animals have visited H2Ö Festival, Suomalaisen nukketeatterin näyteikkuna (The Show Window of Finnish Puppetry) Festival, and Turku Intenational Puppetry Festival.

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Photos Hannu Seppälä, Juho Liukkonen, Salla Keskinen / H2Ö

Concept Dirty Duckling (Kuuma ankanpoikanen)
Costumes Pia Kalenius, Lotta Virtanen
Masks Merja Pöyhönen, Hilla Väyrynen
Props construction assistant Timo O. Nenonen
Inside the Ugly Animals have so far visited Antti-Juhani Manninen, Lotta Virtanen, Merja Pöyhönen, Nanna Mäkinen, Maija Westerholm, Hanne Lammi, Pia Kalenius

Duration variable / as agreed from 2 to 7 hours
For all audiences
Premiere at Rusirock Festival Jul 4th 2014
Available for booking.