A puppet theater experience with plenty of comedy for the entire family! An animal couple - a Fox and a Hare - live in the woods with a slightly illiterate Owl as their neighbour. One day the Owl finds an Egg at its doorstep. The Owl also finds the Egg very sweet. The common everyday life of the Owl, the Beep - who hatches from inside the Egg, as well as the Fox and the Hare is full of little incidents and great emotions. Eating, quarreling, a bit of a celebrating and missing the one’s leaving.

Sympathetic and eloquent table puppet characters, emotional music and funny little stories guarantee an experiential theater moment for smaller as well as bigger spectators. The performance is based on Sylvia Vanden Heeden’s award-winning children's book The Fox and The Hare.

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Photos Jussi Virkkumaa

Director Maiju Tainio
Dramaturgy Merja Pöyhönen
Puppets Laura Hallantie
Scenography Pia Kalenius
Sound design Antti-Juhani Manninen
Light desing Jarkko Forsman
On stage Pia Kalenius ja Antti-Juhani Manninen
A Tehdas Theatre and Dirty Duckling co-production

Duration 40 minutes
For audiences over three year old
Language Finnish
Premiere May 2nd 2013 at Tehdas Theatre Turku

”The viability of the play is still above all thanks to the experienced puppeteers-actors. There’s admirable experessiveness and ease in the carefully paced work of Pia Kalenius and Antti-Juhani Manninen. The puppets move vivaciously and performer’s versatile tonal expression give them a personal touch."

- Anniina Karhu, Turun Sanomat Newspaper, May 4th 2013