Let's Fat!

"Do you know Kimi Räikkönen?"

Let's Fat! is a blow under the belt of street theatre. Surrealism meets durational improvisation as the most awkward Fenno-Americana tourista get loose. All around festival venues, city centers and suburbs they seem as lost as anywhere. They block your way, pass you in the queue, and take a photo of your private moment. They get interested in anything that might remotely be considered as a suvenier - no matter if it's in your pocket, your purse or on the stage with you when you're supposed to start your gig. And if your beach chair is more comfy than theirs, that's just when you know you should stay alert at all times.

The whole body masqued characters play with the holy themes of festival mascot, tourist and interaction. But don't worry: everything will be laughed at equally! And the sharpest tip of the critique is always aimed at the artist himself. Dirty Duckling's street improvs can be described also as true theatre sports: The duration of the performances varies from three all the way to seven hours!

Premiere at Ruisrock Festival July 2013.

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Photos Timo O. Nenonen, Jussi Virkkumaa

Concept Kuuma ankanpoikanen
Body masks Pia Kalenius, assistenttina Lotta Virtanen
Head masks Antti-Juhani Manninen, Timo O. Nenonen, Merja Pöyhönen, Hilla Väyrynen
Clothing Pia Kalenius, Susanna Salo, Lotta Virtanen
Inside the Tourists have so far visited Pia Kalenius, Hanne Lammi, Sandrina Lindgren, Antti-Juhani Manninen, Nanna Mäkinen, Merja Pöyhönen, Lotta Virtanen, Maija Westerholm,

Duration variable / as agreed from 2 to 7 hours
For all audiences
Premiere Jul 5th 2013 at Ruisrock Festival Turku
Available for booking!