Die-Cut Scrap (Kiiltokuva)

Solo performance for adults by Merja Pöyhönen

"...and if everything was right…"

One actress and approximately six puppets comprise a small but perfect doll-house on the stage, a little facade house with its porcelain tea set. Everything is at least as fine as with the neighbours. Or maybe not quite so after all, but you must try to hide the cracks in the porcelain to the very last...

kiilto1 kiilto2 kiilto3 kiilto4 kiilto5 kiilto6

Photos Johanna Latvala and Antti-Juhani Manninen

Direction and script by and on stage Merja Pöyhönen
Puppets and scenery Susanna Hemmilä
Music Antti-Juhani Manninen

Duration 50 min
For adults
Language Finnish / English
Premiere Apr 26th 2009 at Puppet Theatre Mundo

”Merja Pöyhönen’s Die Cut Scrap is a minimalist, ruthlessly clear analysis of an anatomy of a relationship: getting acquainted, throwing oneself into a relationship, constructing and collapse of illusions. It represents a rare visually narrative puppet theater for adults reaching over the significance of language levels.”

-Eeva Kauppinen / Teatteri-Lehti Magazine