Big Bear

When I am sad or scared, the Big Bear arrives. The Big Bear is not afraid of anything. My little teddy bears are Big Bear's friends, and they always obey it.

The Puppet Theatre Dirty Duckling introduces The Big Bear to the world. The performance examines a child's feelings of loneliness and exclusion by the means of objects and contemporary theatre. When the Big Bear growls, it's better both for the adults and the small teddy bears to listen. On the stage there are more than fifty teddy bears, constellations, a bear expert, hibernation, beary fairy tales and one really Big Bear. But don't worry, we will tell you what to do in case you encounter a bear!

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Photos Suvi Auvinen

Director Suvi Auvinen
Script Group
Actors Lotta Virtanen and Riina Tikkanen
Music Hannu Haahti
Lights and sounds Hilla Väyrynen
A Dirty Duckling and Barker Theatre co-production

Duration 45 min
For over 5 years old.
Language Finnish
Premiere Sep 13th 2012 at Barker Theatre Turku
Available for booking!

”Riina Tikkanen and Lotta Virtanen dressed as teddy bears throw themselves with energy and precision in the numerous roles that arise from the heat of the events. I like the atmosphere of unpredictability which is born out of sliding from an event and a character to another in a dreamlike logic."

- Anniina Karhu, Turun Sanomat Newspaper, Sep 15th 2012