Security supervision: The Gorillapolice (Järjestyksenvalvontaa: Gorillapoliisit)

The Gorillapolice are fairly soft, childish and officious. Their job description consists amongst other things fervent detective activity, arranging croquet matches, resuscitation attempts of the deceased sniffer dog, demonstrations, crosswords, arrests, landscape painting, sophisticated tea parties and concentrated riding on a tricycle. Every now and then a three metre-long childpolicepuppet has come to supervise the action.

The street performance by Dirty Duckling has delighted, entertained and confused viewers on festivals and events. Regardless of the nature of the event, the gorillas have focused on their bureaucracy duty, making sure the public enjoy themselves.

gorillat1 gorillat2 gorillat3 gorillat4 gorillat5 gorillat6


Concept Dirty Duckling
Performers inside the gorillas and the police puppet Perrine Ferrafiat, Jouni Järvenpää, Leena Lahikainen, Sandra Lange, Niina Lindroos, Antti-Juhani Manninen, Nanna Mäkinen, Merja Pöyhönen, Riina Tikkanen, Lotta Virtanen, Hilla Väyrynen and Anna-Kaisa Väänänen.

Duration variable / as agreed from 2 to 7 hours
For all audiences
Premiere May 22nd 2011 at Eurocultured Festival Turku
Available for booking!

"About three hundred artists from ten different countries performed at the street culture festival Eurocultured as a part of the European Capital of Culture year of Turku town… …Puppet theatre Dirty Duckling’s procession was the most adorable sight on the street culture festival."

- Sirpa Pääkkönen / Helsingin Sanomat