SEX! BODY! DESIRE! FEELINGS! Why is it so difficult to talk about these things? Because they are difficult things? And yet… and exactly because of that… THEY SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT!

Do I want? What if I do? And if I don’t? And how would I know that? Am I really weird? Does no-one seriously like me? Maybe I’m doing something completely wrong? Am I ready already? Fragile tackles the core of the matter.

Fragile is a performance about sex and sexuality combining puppet theatre and drama theatre. The prop consists of a motley pile of detached limbs, a demonstration puppet Pannukka, a latex bunny and three 20–30 cm tall adolescents. Fragile does not give answers to questions, Fragile gives permission to ask.

The performance is created in collaboration with the Population Institute. It has been supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Regional Arts Council of South-west Finland.

fragile1 fragile2 fragile3 fragile4 fragile5

Photos Sara Nurmi

Director Merja Pöyhönen
Script Merja Pöyhönen and working group
Puppets, scenography Outi Herrainsilta
Music Antti-Juhani Manninen, Johnny Mathis
On stage Antti-Juhani Manninen, Lotta Virtanen ja Anna-Kaisa Väänänen

Duration 50 min
Age limit 13
Language Finnish
Premiere Sep 30th 2008 at Vimma Theatre Turku

”Dirty Duckling identifiably reaches the adolescent uncertainty and slips to speak of these "taboo areas " without blushing… ...There's something earth-shattering and profane, ugly and beautiful… …It’s very rarely spoken about girls, boys and likes this artistically. In this context puppet theatre shows what it can do with all its talent.”

- Eeva Kauppinen / Kaleva