Elektronic Princesses (Elektroniikkaprinsessat)

Puppet theatre meets experimental electronics

Today’s princesses are products of the media. Elektronic Princesses is an expedition to the princess ideals of the modern woman and the female imagery of the popular media. It is a collage of Sleeping Beauties, Cinderellas and Pop Princesses.

Ways of being charming, one weirder than the other, are created under constant camera surveillance, in the safety of the Princess factory. And ways of being perfect. Princesses monitor and control each and every move they make, and each impression given. Then their control fails. Or maybe it failed a long time ago.

Elektronic Princesses bravely combines puppet theatre, experimental electronics, electronic music and live animation. The performance is co-produced with electronic associations from Turku.

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Photos Dirty Duckling

Director, composer Antti-Juhani Manninen
Princesses on stage Nanna Mäkinen, Merja Pöyhönen, Nina Renvall, Lotta Virtanen and Anna-Kaisa Väänänen
Electronics Kodinkonemusiikin Ystävät / Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura
Puppet construction Perrinne Ferrafiat with assistance from Hilla Väyrynen
Light design Tommi Hinkkanen
Video art Eero Yli-Vakkuri
Actor on video Jesse Sipola
A Barket Theatre, KoKoMys and Dirty Duckling co-production

Duration 1h
For adults
Language Finnish
Premiere Feb 27th 2010 at Barker Theatre Turku

”The abundance and the simultaneity of various presentational elements, force the viewer to fragmented observations, which reminds modern man's everyday experience in the information-flooded world… …In the context of the performance ”a princess " becomes a metaphor for art or everyday life performances which are lacking liveliness. A person or the art freezes to repeat the outlived gestures and stories, even though there would be a need for the same kind of creative re-constructing and recycling that is seen done for the old (domestic) appliances appearing in the performance. The performance is visually and aurally tightly paced study that offers multiple levels of experience and interpretation in its abundance. ”

- Anniina Karhu / Turun Sanomat newspaper