Missing Amelia Earhart

Searching for the most important person in the world.

Amelia Earhart is the greatest aviatrix, heroine and forerunner of the history. Amelia Earhart believed in the impossible and was never afraid. We all admire Amelia Earhart. In 1937, when Amelia Earhart disappeared during her circumnavigational flight of the globe, she left the world with a huge Amelia-Earhart-shaped hole.

Missing Amelia Earhart is a solo performance by Merja Pöyhönen. A blurred portrait of the creator’s visual double, the story gives us a peculiar explanation to one of the most mysterious disappearances of all time. This airy and somewhat humoristic play follows the footsteps of Amelia Earhart - the most important person in the world - with longing and admiration.

amelia1 amelia2 amelia3 amelia4 amelia5 amelia6 amelia7

Photos Jussi Virkkumaa

Written, directed and performed by Merja Pöyhönen
Puppets and set design Merja Pöyhönen and Heini Maaranen
Music Tienhaara, Swaying Wires, Eddie Hermoso
Light design Jarkko Forsman
A Tehdas Theatre and Dirty Duckling co-production

Duration 1 hour 15 minutes
For adult audiences, over 13 years old
Language Finnish
Premiere Nov 09th 2016 at Tehdas Theatre Turku
Available for booking!